International Competition for Music, Choir & Dance 

ICMCD 2014 - Hannover, Germany 


Organizing Institution: North-German Music Association

ICMCD International Competition for Music, Choir & Dance is sponsored by the North-German Music Association, the Austrian Culture Exchange Association and supported by the Hannover Artist Group. A number of German artistic professionals such as professors, orchestra conductors, musicians and dancers are invited as the competition´s jury members. This provides a high-level performance platform for participants and ensembles. Our goal is to strengthen international culture exchange and build strong and lasting friendships!

The North-German Music Association is a government-supported cultural institution. It aims to promote development and international exchange in the North-German culture scene. The Association hosted the Original German Opera Festival and many music exchange activities with European and overseas partners. Over the years, the Association has been committed to promoting the development of music culture and so earned a State Cultural Award for its outstanding contributions.